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12 Myths About Strength Training For Triathletes

Myth #1: More Strength Training Is Better Just like everything in triathlon, more is not always better. In fact given that majority of any triathlete’s training should be spent swimming, biking, and running, excessive strength training can easily affect other ...

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Why You’re Running Wrong & What To Do About It

It would be overly optimistic and even irresponsible to state that everyone can have perfect running form. In fact, when looking at elite runners with so called “perfect form”, although the way the run works for them it doesn’t mean ...

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Putting It All Together: Making The Ultimate Triathlete

Over this past year here on Fitegg.com we have discussed many aspects of triathlon ranging from training methods to mental fitness. The time has come to put all these topics together to create a complete picture of what I call ...

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