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GU Roctane Electrolyte Capsules

ginger root-HR

GU recently introduced the Roctane Electrolyte Capsules. While similar to traditional electrolytes in many ways, the Roctane caps have ginger root,which is reported to assist with symptoms of nausea. If you’re not familiar with Roctane, this is the ultra endurance ...

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HydraPak SoftFlask Review

hydrapak softflask

I’ve been using the HydraPak SoftFlask for about a month now and have really enjoyed trying this new approach to water bottles. If you haven’t seen them, or a similar product, the SoftFlasks are made of the pliable, soft material ...

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Moji Mini Massager Review


It’s been some time since I first reviewed the Moji Massager. Though I still use my foam roller and a few other implements to work out the kinks and pains of training, this massager is still one of my go-to ...

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Spits De-Railer Total Vision Triathlon Sunglasses Review

screenshot-by-nimbus (1)

Background One of my triathlon friends (Dave) works as a premium sunglasses designer who makes sunglasses for active individuals ranging from stand-up paddle boarders to expert hunters. Being a triathlete himself, Dave never enjoyed standard framed sunglasses as when you’re ...

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Cascade FluidPro Power Trainer Review


Here at Fitegg.com we love reviewing cycling gear however, the following will be our first (but hopefully not our last) review of an indoor trainer, enjoy! The Trainer The Cascade FluidPro Power Bike Trainer is solid, like you could throw ...

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Jurek Endure Hydration Pack Review

Jurek Endure Review

A few weeks ago I received a test sample of the Jurek Endure from Ultimate Direction. The Endure is a lightweight hydration waist pack that holds two 10 oz. bottles and has two places to store a bit of gear ...

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EnduroPacks Final Review


We received the EnduroPacks review sample over a month ago and provided this little update during the testing process. However, our review is a bit late since we hired Brad Haag as a contributor and had to get his new content live ...

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Nathan StrobeLight Review


Today, we’re going to discuss a really simple light that we highly recommend adding to your arsenal, The Nathan StrobeLight To date, our most fun light source has been the KnuckleLights. We’re still using them over two years later. We’ve also ...

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SlackLaces from Yankz! Review


Today, I’ll look a new product from the folks at Yankz!, the Slacklace system. As you might notice, we’ve been reviewing quite a bit of gear from the folks over at Yankz!, including the Bicycle Fuel System and Yankz! SureLaces. Thanks ...

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EnduroPacks: Monthly Nutrition and Recovery Service


A few weeks back, we received a note from one of the folks at EnduroPacks. They’ve got a pretty interesting idea here; EnduroPacks has created a mixture of products specifically designed to help you meet the demands of serious training. ...

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