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Spits De-Railer Total Vision Triathlon Sunglasses Review

screenshot-by-nimbus (1)

Background One of my triathlon friends (Dave) works as a premium sunglasses designer who makes sunglasses for active individuals ranging from stand-up paddle boarders to expert hunters. Being a triathlete himself, Dave never enjoyed standard framed sunglasses as when you’re ...

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Injinji Toe Socks Reviews

Injinji Toe Socks Review

For the past three weeks, I’ve been washing socks every two to three days. Strange, you might think, for a triathlete to have to do so much wash, and I agree, but I’ve been trying my best to put a ...

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Hydrapak Gel-Bot Water Bottle with Gel Flask-Review

Creative, useful, and very durable bottle with gel container.

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Hammer Perpetuem Solids Endurance Nutrition-Review

Perpetuem Solids

Great product with a creative delivery. Very chalky, though, which could turn off some users. Much more stable than premixing Prepetuem

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GoLite HydroSprint Lumbar Pack–Final Review

GoLite HydroSprint Lumbar Pack

Good, lightweight product that fits well and carries enough for shorter runs.

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SBR Sports TriSwim Lotion-Final Review

TriSwim Lotion

Outstanding performance, neutral smell, good for both sexes.

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Giro Bravo Men’s Gloves-Review

Giro Bravo Men's Road Gloves

Inexpensive, well padded gloves that are quite durable

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Dolfin Poly Solid Color Aussie Square Leg Shorts–Final Review

Dolfin Poly Solid Aussie

Durable and inexpensive, minimal coverage, but a great fitting and comfortable suit.

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Louis Garneau Men’s Alveo 3K Cycling Bibs–Final Review


More expensive than some similar bibs, but high quality construction, great wicking ability, and sharp looks

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Under Armour Women’s Endure C Cup Sports Bra–Final Review

UnderArmour Endure C Cup Sports Bra

A great bra that provides support and wicking. Basic style and a few design improvements could be helpful.

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