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FitEgg Weekly Recap–19 March 2010

Insane week.

Happily, even though there were power outages and other distractions here at HQ, we still had some good reviews.

First off, in the continuation of our series on Recovery drinks, we published the final review of the Fluid Recovery drink.  Thumbs up on this product.  Our tester really noticed a difference while using the product, and although the flavor wasn’t her cup of tea, the performance more than made up for that.

We also continued our reviews of Gear Bags with an initial review of the Rocket Science Sports Elite Triathlon Bag.  This bag is really well made and features almost bulletproof material.  Last week, we published the review of the Real Joe/Real Jane bag, also from RSS.

Don’t forget, we’re still doing a promotion for a $50 TriSports.com gift certificate.  You can check out the details here: http://bit.ly/aJjW0H

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Eric is a triathlete and writer. He has competed in all distances of triathlons, from sprints to full Ironman distance races. He founded FitEgg.com in 2009 to meet the increasing need for professional, unbiased reviews of triathlon gear.

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