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Skyline Northwest Barracuda Predator Goggle–Initial Review

“You look like a superhero.”–My wife, after I put these goggles on.

All jokes aside, these are pretty serious looking goggles.

The Predator Fog Resistant Goggle is the third and final pair of goggles from Skyline Northwest/Barracuda.  Previously we’ve tested the Hydrobat Goggle and the Ultimate Goggle and were very impressed with our results.  All goggles from Barracuda feature a positive pressure system that greatly reduces the pressure in the eye cups of the goggles, providing a more comfortable fit.

Background on Barracuda:

Based in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Barracuda Sports Products and Skyline Northwest manufacture an entire line of swimming gear, including these goggles, swim caps, cases, paddles, shampoo and quite a few other items.

Barracuda goggles were created by Dr. John Runckel after he was unable to find goggles that fit well, didn’t leak, and didn’t leave red rings around his eyes.  Dr. Runckel, a dentist, used his experience taking dental impressions to develop a technique to produce goggle frames that allowed for differing bone structures.  These frames don’t use suction and pressure to seal out water, they use the ergonomic design of the goggle to prevent water intrusion.

Look and Feel:

Maybe these goggles do give you a superhero edge, but we’re alright with that.  These goggles are larger than either of the others we’re testing.  The Hydrobat goggles are the smallest, followed by the Ultimates, and finally the Predators as the largest goggles.  At the end of the day, they’re not much larger than your standard Speedo or TYR goggles, but after using the Hydrobats, it’s easy to forget the standard size.  Though not much larger, these are big goggles.  If you have a smaller face, we don’t think these will provide the best fit for you.  Thankfully, you can pick up the Hydrobats or the Ultimates and experience the same positive pressure fit.

Next, Fit, Comfort, and Visibility

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