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SLS3 Compression Socks–Initial Review

In continuing with the recovery theme we’ve been working with for a few weeks, we’re moving into some other products to assist you with your training and health outside your workouts.  Today we’re going to look at a set of compression socks from SLS3.  Thanks to the folks at SLS3 for the test sample.


SLS3, pronounced SLS Tri, has been around since their debut in 2007 at the Hawaii Ironman.  Designed, tested, and manufactured in the US, SLS3 makes a line of compression socks, ‘sox’, and sleeves.  In addition, they have a few lines of racing apparel, the FX and the FRT.  In addition, SLS3 sponsors quite a few athletes and they have quite a few testimonials on their site.

Background on SLS3 Compression Sox:

The SLS3 Compression Sox is designed to assist with performance and recovery in serious athletes.  SLS3 uses polypropylene, a material that absorbs 300% less water than nylon.  The socks is great for pre and post-race but is designed for exercising.  Added bonus, they recommend using the socks for traveling, during work when you might sit or stand for a long period of time, during pregnancy, and during any injury.  Compression works by assisting blood flow into your extremities, encouraging the removal of lactic acid and other byproducts of exercise.

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