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How to Pick The Best Endurance Race For You

As discussed in How To Plan Your Triathlon or Endurance Sport Season triathlon training is typically focused around a important or “A” race. Less than a decade ago triathlons and other endurance events didn’t happen that often and usually required ...

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5 Endurance Performance Secrets You’ve Never Heard

1. STAND MORE, SIT LESS New research shows that prolonged sitting, literally takes years off your life. The bigger surprise is that even you are extremely active when you’re not sitting, prolonged sitting still affects your health. Besides taking years ...

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How to Stay in Peak Endurance Shape While Traveling

Traveling as an endurance athlete is very challenging. It seems that most endurance athletes train nearly everyday. Being away from the bike or running trails can quickly leave you feeling mentally and physically anxious. However, there are solutions to stay ...

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Endurance Training Zones Explained

When training for endurance, training sessions must have a specific purpose. Simply going out and swimming, biking, or running with no planned duration or intensity might bring some improvements at first, but it will quickly lead to a plateau and ...

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Setting SMART Goals for Your Season

As discussed in How a Good Off-season Makes for a Great Race Season, after you have reflected on your previous the next step is to establish what your goals are for the following triathlon or endurance season. Goals are one of the ...

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