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How to Do a Flip-Turn, Part 5 of 5–From GoSwim.tv

Now, all you have to do is bring it all together… This is the final how-to video on a successful flip turn. You’ve learned how to flip, how to speed up into the turn, and now you’re going to learn ...

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How to Do a Flip-Turn, Part 4 of 5–From GoSwim.tv

Almost there.  We’ve featured three videos on how to do a proper flip turn, leading up to this fourth video.  In this video, you’ll work on getting a bit more speed going into the turn by adding two strokes just ...

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How to Do a Flip-Turn, Part 3 of 5–From GoSwim.tv

So we’ve provided two videos to help you learn a proper flip turn.  In this video, you’re going to toss the noodle and other equipment and try doing the flip turn with no gear.

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How to Do a Flip-Turn, Part 2 of 5–From GoSwim.tv

In Part 2 of the videos, we’re going to move from using a forward flip into the noodle to doing a flip with the noodle behind you as you enter the turn.  I can flipturn, but I’m not very accomplished. ...

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How to Do a Flip-Turn, Part 1 of 5–From GoSwim.tv

If you’ve never used the drills on GoSwim.tv, you’re really missing out on some amazing drills. If you’re in a master’s swim class, there are literally hundreds of videos that you can use to improve your swim performance. I haven’t ...

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