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Basic Running Training for Marathons and Triathlons

Dave Campbell is a trainer and All-American triathlete.  In this video, Dave covers some basic running drills and preparation.  A good starting point for new runners and triathletes.

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Proper Swim Technique–Video from Stephen Taylor

Stephen Taylor is a triathlon and endurance coach.  While swimming is a pretty complicated exercise and you certainly can’t learn everything from a video, this is a pretty simple entry level swimming guide.  This covers breathing, balance, and stroke mechanics.

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Triathlon Stretching and Training

Another video from Dave Campbell of VeloTV.net.  It doesn’t matter if your a professional or if you’re just starting out, everyone can use a bit of work on their stretching techniques.  Dave demonstrates some Yoga-style stretches that address the unique ...

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Brick Training for Triathletes

In this video, Carey Kepler of Boundless Energy addresses the mystery of brick training.  For the uninitiated, or for the marathoners out there, a brick is a multiple discipline workout.  Basically, you’re practicing the transition and understanding the impact of ...

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