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How to Do a Flip-Turn, Part 4 of 5–From GoSwim.tv

Almost there.  We’ve featured three videos on how to do a proper flip turn, leading up to this fourth video.  In this video, you’ll work on getting a bit more speed going into the turn by adding two strokes just ...

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Initial Review of DeSoto Carrera Men’s Tri Shorts

I just received these shorts the other day and have had a few days to try them out.  The DeSoto Shorts are made of Carrera Skin, a nylon and spandex blend that’s supportive and quick drying.  According to the DeSoto ...

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How to Do a Flip-Turn, Part 3 of 5–From GoSwim.tv

So we’ve provided two videos to help you learn a proper flip turn.  In this video, you’re going to toss the noodle and other equipment and try doing the flip turn with no gear.

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How to Do a Flip-Turn, Part 2 of 5–From GoSwim.tv

In Part 2 of the videos, we’re going to move from using a forward flip into the noodle to doing a flip with the noodle behind you as you enter the turn.  I can flipturn, but I’m not very accomplished. ...

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Shock Absorber Level 4 Maximum Support Sport Bra Review

A very useful and supportive bra, lacks style, but provides outstanding support for the girls.

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How to Do a Flip-Turn, Part 1 of 5–From GoSwim.tv

If you’ve never used the drills on GoSwim.tv, you’re really missing out on some amazing drills. If you’re in a master’s swim class, there are literally hundreds of videos that you can use to improve your swim performance. I haven’t ...

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Mid-Term Review of Saucony Stabil CS Men’s Motion Control Shoes

Saucony Stabil CS Motion Control Shoe Review

A few weeks ago, I had to replace my last pair of Saucony Stabil 6 shoes.  As I’ve mentioned, I’m an overpronator and there are very few shoes that I’m comfortable in for long distances.  The Stabil 6 was the ...

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Final Review of 2Toms BlisterShield

Blistershield Review

A simple and effective powder to prevent blistering. Works well with or without socks

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Winners of the January Contest

Thanks to all our Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, and commenters.  We’ve randomly selected the winners.  We hope to get another contest started this month, so stay tuned for the next chance to enter. From our Commenters: Robert from The Gung ...

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Initial Review of Profile Designs Century Aero Bars

Early last week, I received the first product for my beginner triathlon series, a set of Profile Designs Century Aerobars.  These are the least expensive bars available from Profile Designs.  Profile is one of the most popular suppliers of aerobars, ...

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