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Top 5 Run Workouts for the Time Crunched Triathlete

1.   Hurricane (25-30min): This super short workout done on a treadmill is my favorite workout. I found it so effective I do it once a week (except when in a recovery week) year round.

 The Workout: Warm-up with 10-15 minutes easy running, then run 10×30 seconds at maximum pace, all out sprint. After each sprint, get off the treadmill and do 10 pushups, 10 mountain climbers, and 10 bicycle crunches, then get right back on the treadmill and do another sprint. Cool-down with another 10-15 minutes of easy running with a focus on high cadence and good form.

 2.   Barefoot Strides (30-40min): strides are a great workout for establishing your speed skills and economy. Not only do strides build your technique for efficiently running long, but also it develops the speed necessary for that race finishing kick! If the weather doesn’t allow for this, then go to an indoor basketball gym and try running in your bare feet there, and if that’s not an option, then get an old pair of socks and do it on a treadmill.

 The Workout: Run 10-15 minutes to a park with a flat grassy area. Take off your shoes and run 8-10×100 yard repeats at 90% of your maximum sustainable pace, in your bare feet, focusing on forward lean, forefoot strike and high cadence. These are not all out sprints. Recover between each repeat by walking back to the start. Cool-down then run back 10-15 minutes.

 3.   Time saving tempo treadmill run (30-40min): Training on the treadmill is not only time efficient for there are no stops or downhill’s, but having a belt move your feet at a certain pace helps develop your leg speed.

The Workout: Warm-up 5-10 minutes, then complete 3-4x6min efforts at tempo pace (approximately a 10K effort, or about 2-3mph faster than your aerobic run pace). Put incline at 1.0 for the first 6min effort, 2.0 for second effort, 3.0 for third effort, etc. 1min easy recovery jog between each effort. Cool-down with 5-10min of easy running.

4.   Hill Climbs (30-45min): in order to establish a solid off-season foundation, triathletes need to invest training in running force application and strength. This workout is designed to provide both.

The Workout: Warm-up run for 10-15min to a steep hill (steep as you can find) Run up the hill in a controlled fashion, focusing on force application and pushing through each stride. Run up the hill for 45-90 seconds. Then recover by walking back down the hill. If weather does not permit outdoor running, you can instead perform this workout on a steep treadmill at a steep incline or on a stair climber. Complete 6-10 repeats. Cool-down job home 10-15min.

 5.   Mile Repeats (45-60min): this workout is awesome with its simplicity and perfect for dialing in your race pace. Use track, treadmill, or measured distance to easily measure your miles.

 The Workout: warm-up 10-15min including 4x30sec pick-ups at fast pace. Then proceed to your mile repeats. Run at 10-20sec min/mile below your race pace goal. Do 3-6 mile repeats (more repeats for half-ironman or ironman distance) with 5min jog recovery in between. If your splits are not consistent and you slow down throughout the workout, you are running too fast. Start conservatively and build into each repeat.


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