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TYR Square Leg Shorts Review

TYR Lyrca Square Leg Swim Shorts–Final Review

TYR Square Leg Shorts Review

Please check out our update on these shorts.

Three weeks ago, we did our initial review of the TYR Square Leg Swim Shorts.  Before we get into our final review, we’ll recap a bit.

We picked these shorts based largely on TYR’s reputation.  The bottom line is that we needed a new pair of shorts, TYR had a great selection and the prices were reasonable.  We paid less than $30 for these shorts.

We decided to review these shorts because many of our readers are swimmers, not triathletes and also because many of our triathletes prefer to wear specialized swim shorts.  Most triathlon shorts aren’t designed for extended use in chlorine pools.  So, if you’re main swimming is done in chlorinated pool, you can seriously extend the life of your tri shorts by picking up a pair of swim shorts.  These TYR Square Leg Shorts are designed for extended exposure to chlorine, not to mention being significantly less expensive than tri shorts.  The added bonus is they’re less bulky than tri shorts since there is no chamois.


As mentioned in the first review, these shorts are, well, short.  That’s to be expected; we’re just reminding you.  The shorts are not as brief as briefs, but they’re not jammers.  The shorts are basic black with a simply TYR logo.  Nothing fancy here, other than the interior liner.  The liner is a nice touch.  After about a month’s use, we can attest that the liner really works and certainly keeps things in place.  After wearing the shorts for over a month, the shorts haven’t faded a bit.  The TYR instructions don’t recommend washing the shorts with detergent, opting instead for a quick rinse and hanging dry.  If you’re lucky enough to have nice legs, these shorts are going to do a good job showing them off.  If not, well, it’ll help you figure out where you need to focus your training.


After a month’s use, we’ve experienced absolutely no issues with the construction of these shorts.  The elastic has not been compromised at all.  The seams are still tight, no loosening of stitches.  We’ve seen no piling of the liner.  We haven’t seen any weak spots in the shorts overall.  These shorts have been used 3-4 times a week for a month and are still in like new condition.

Comfort and Fit:

The shorts fit very snugly and very well.  The legs are large enough to be comfortable, but small enough to stay put when you’re working out.  The elastic in the legs is strong, but not overly restrictive.  The waist size is true and the waist band features a drawstring to tighten the shorts.  As mentioned before, it’s nice to have a long drawstring; many swim short and tri short manufacturers don’t provide enough of a drawstring, especially for people in the upper waist sizes.


We feel that a month’s testing is sufficient for a pair of swim shorts.  These shorts are very comfortable, very adjustable with the waistband, and very well constructed. These shorts are reasonably priced and provide a good value.  We have used TYR shorts for multiple seasons before without any significant wear or damage.  TYR has an excellent reputation in the swim world and these shorts are no exception.

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