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About FitEgg.com

FitEgg.com is a triathlon gear review site.  Don’t be alarmed if you’re a swimmer, cyclist, or runner though, we’re really friendly here at FitEgg.  If you’re a swimmer, cyclist, or runner, you’ll find our reviews of running shoes, road bikes, and swim equipment very helpful.  Though we’re very serious about our triathlete readers, we’re committed to providing unbiased and honest reviews of swimming, running, and cycling products.

You’ll find all sorts of reviews to help you in the shopping spree that normally follows your first triathlon or marathon.  If you’re in the market for a new road or tri bike, you’ll find some very useful reviews here.  If you’re only into swimming, check out our goggle reviews.  If you’re a runner, you’ll be happy to find our running shoe reviews.  If you’re none of the above, you can still look forward to our accessories reviews which cover any gear that could be useful to athletes of all types.

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