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FitEgg.com is a site dedicated to triathlon, endurance, and outdoor gear reviews. A majority of our readers arrive after searching for gear reviews, so we know they have a desire to buy and are in the analysis process. The following demographics are from USAT:

49% report white-collar jobs
19% report professional jobs such as doctor, lawyer or accountant
12% are students or education workers
12% are blue or gray collar workers
6% are government or military

Average income: $126,000
12.9% have incomes under $50K
14.5% have incomes $50-74,999
16% have incomes $75-$99,999
23.4% have incomes $100-$149,999
12.1% have incomes $150-$199,999
8.4% have incomes $200-$299,999
5.5% have incomes over $300K

Spending (discretionary income)
50% of dollars spent on bikes and bike equipment
17% of dollars spent on race entry fees
8% of dollars on fitness clothing
11% of dollars on athletic shoes
$2,274 spent on bikes in past 12 months
$564 spent on race fees in past 12 months
$524 spent on bike equipment
$370 spent on training, running and athletic footwear
$277 spent on nutritional supplements

We serve over 3,500 pageviews to a highly targeted and very desirable demographic.

Our standard advertising rate is $20 CPM for any size ad, including skyscrapers and header and footer banners.  We offer substantial discounts for 6 and 12 month engagements and also offer discounts for multiple ad purchases. Please contact us for details about what we feel is the best size and location for your particular ad.  You can contact us for more information.

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