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Running Gear for Triathlons–Carey Kepler

Here’s another great set of tips from Carey Kepler, a triathlete coach.  In this video, Carey has some great tips for beginner triathlete who need some guidance on their running gear. Running Gear for Triathlon — powered by eHow.com

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Bike Accessories for Triathletes–Carey Kepler

Carey Kepler, a triathlete coach, walks us through what’s needed for first time triathletes.  Don’t think that you need everything she mentions here, but Carey does a great job outlining the necessities and desired accessories for beginner triathletes. Gear for ...

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Impact of Drop on Aero Position (Video)

Following up on yesterday’s video by Dave Scott on proper aero positioning and maximizing your aero form, here’s another great video to give you a bit more background.  While Dave’s video was mostly practical applications, this video, from TTBikeFit, really ...

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How Do I Know that my Swim Goggles Fit?

Press the goggles to your face while looking down, if they stay on for a couple of seconds, you are almost assured a good fit. If not, keep looking.

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How Do I Keep My Goggles From Fogging?

How do I keep my goggles from fogging? Anti-fog solution made by Speedo or TYR Lick the lens with your saliva Leave some water in the goggles that will splash around and keep them clear

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