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Nutrition Tips

White Triathletes Shouldn’t Eat Whole Grains??

Here’s an interesting video I found.  Chris Maund advocates cutting out whole grains that contain gluten.  Basically, if you’re ancestors are from Western Europe (read white), you are going to have some issues digesting and processing whole grains, not in ...

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Race Day Triathlon Nutrition–Kerry Sullivan

Here are some great tips from Kerry Sullivan.  Kerry gives some great advice on your nutrition plan, specifically on training the way race.

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Energy Gel Review and Breakdown

A popular question from new and experienced triathletes alike is “What kind of energy gel do you use/recommend?”  I can’t say I’ve tried everything out there, but I’ve gone through quite a bit of gel in the past few years ...

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Avoiding Cramps During Your Run

All runners, triathletes, and athletes in general occasionally suffer from cramps. Triathlon coach David Brown tells you how to use hydration and proper training to avoid cramps. How to Avoid Running Cramps — powered by eHow.com

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Nutrition Before, During, and After a Run

Another great training video from David Brown, a USAT triathlon coach. This video provides guidance for eating properly before, during, and after your run. How to Eat Before, During & After Running — powered by eHow.com

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Drinking Before, During, and After Runs

Most people focus too much on what to drink during a race or a run and not enough on hydration before and after the run.  In this video, triathlon coach David Brown offers some tips and guidance for staying hydrated ...

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