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SBR Sports TriSwim Lotion–Initial Review

One of the greatest things about running a triathlon review website is that we get to spend our time testing and sampling some of the greatest products in our sport.  Of course, we have our share of bad products too, but most of the folks in our market are committed to bringing great products to market.  The downside to the job is that sometimes we get a bit overwhelmed with all the products arriving for review.  Sometimes that means that things slip through the cracks.  Today, we’re going to take a look at TriSwim Lotion from SBR Sports.  We received this product almost two months ago and have been using it on and off since them, but our initial review has simply slipped through the cracks.  Our apologies.

Since it’s been a little while, we’ll remind you to check out our review of the TriSwim Shampoo and Conditioner.  You should also check out the review of the TriSwim Body Wash The TriSwim Lotion is a complementary product to the two haircare products and can be purchased separately or together in a kit with the Body Wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner.  TriSwim Lotion is available directly from SBR for $13.20 or as part of a travel kit for $21.30.  You can also request a free sample from SBR.  If you do, please note that you heard about them from FitEgg.com.

Background on SBR Sports:

SBR Sports was established in 2003 by Karen Allard.  Karen is a triathlete and USAT Certified Coach.  Through her training, she became aware of the damage chlorine and other chemicals cause to athletes’s hair and skin.  After using many available products, Karen decided to start her own line of products to assist athletes facing the same issues.

Background on TriSwim Lotion:

As with their other products, TriSwim Lotion is designed to help your body recover from the harsh chemical treatment it receives during your swim training.  Chlorine is a very tough chemical that strips moisture and fullness from your hair and skin.  TriSwim Lotion is designed to hydrate your skin while neutralizing the odor of the pool.  As with their other products, this lotion contains aloe, a natural ingredient that helps moisturize and protect your skin.  TriSwim has the same light citrus smell that you find in the other TriSwim products.

Testing TriSwim Lotion:

As mentioned, we’ve been using this lotion for about two months now, but most of these observations were made after using the product for only two to three weeks.  We will follow up with our final review in the next few weeks.

The first thing we appreciate about TriSwim Lotion is that it is appealing to both men and women.  Though we have varied opinions on the citrus smell in the shampoo and conditioner, we’re pleased with the scent of the lotion.  The lotion goes on smooth and is rapidly absorbed, especially if used when you’re just out of a hot shower after a long swim. Both testers commented that the lotion is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave a oily or sticky residue.  One of our testers avoids most lotions because he doesn’t like the sticky feeling most lotions leave.  That tester didn’t have any complaints and actually enjoyed using this lotion.

Both testers reported that the lotion does a good job moisturizing after a swim.  Both testers experience dry skin after swimming, especially when their training plans call for more than three days a week in the pool.  TriSwim Lotion helped with the dry skin problem, restored a bit of moisture and elasticity to skin, and reduced or eliminated itching from dry skin.

The light citrus scent of this lotion is a welcome relief from the pool odor.  To test this, the testers applied the lotion to one arm or leg and compared the odor.  After a few minutes, the scent of the citrus was still noticeable.  After 30 minutes or so, the citrus scent mostly disappeared, leaving behind no trace of chlorine odor.  The untreated arm or leg still had a chlorine odor, even hours later, if not treated with the lotion or a shower.

Initial impressions of TriSwim Lotion:

Both testers reported that the TriSwim Lotion works as advertised.  It provides moisture to dry skin, decreases or eliminates itching from dry skin, and restores elasticity to your skin.  The light citrus scent eliminates chlorine odors, replacing the odor with a mild citrus scent before disappearing all together.  No need to worry about smelling like a perfume store guys!

If you experience chronic dry skin, this lotion might not be strong enough for your everyday use.  Our female tester uses Eucerin for dry skin a few times a week.  TriSwim Lotion isn’t a good replacement for a thick lotion like Eucerin, but it’s not designed to be.  Even though it didn’t provide the same level of moisture and protection, our female tester still recommends it for use after swimming.  TriSwim Lotion is powerful enough for most users and the chlorine neutralizing properties are reason enough to purchase TriSwim.

FitEgg.com is pleased with the performance of this lotion and recommend you try it out.  Pick up a sample pack of the entire product line or request a sample.

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