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Dave Scott Video Tip on Sitting and Standing During Bike Rides

Here’s Dave Scott again.  This time, Dave gives us some tips on when to sit or stand during the bike portion.  Dave reminds us that it’s not very important to sprint up a hill if you wear yourself out.

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Profile Designs Century Aerobars–Mid-term Review

A few weeks ago, we added an initial review of the Profile Designs Century Aerobars.  Before we proceed, here’s a bit of background.  Profile Designs makes many different versions of aerobars and are the most popular manufacturer of aerobars for ...

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Initial Review of Profile Designs Century Aero Bars

Early last week, I received the first product for my beginner triathlon series, a set of Profile Designs Century Aerobars.  These are the least expensive bars available from Profile Designs.  Profile is one of the most popular suppliers of aerobars, ...

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Impact of Drop on Aero Position (Video)

Following up on yesterday’s video by Dave Scott on proper aero positioning and maximizing your aero form, here’s another great video to give you a bit more background.  While Dave’s video was mostly practical applications, this video, from TTBikeFit, really ...

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How to Maximize Your Aero Position(Video)–Dave Scott

I just found this great video about maximizing your aero position.  Dave Scott, 6 time IM World Champ, uses a second rider to demonstrate the mechanics of the aero position.  Most of the detail is good, but in some cases, ...

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