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How to Fuel Like a Champion Year-Round

As discussed in How To Plan Your Triathlon or Endurance Sport Season, triathlon training should follow a periodized approach where workouts get more race-like as your endurance event gets closer. Just as training is periodized in endurance athletes, nutrition should be periodized ...

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10 Swim Workouts That Make Swimming Fun

We’ve already discussed some swim workouts, like the top five for time crunched triathletes. If you have a little more time, here are some great workouts that will make your swim workout more fun. “Fast-Medium-Fast” (1400) Warm-up: 6x 50m Increasing ...

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Top Ten Treadmill Workouts to Increase Run Speed

We’ve discussed a number of indoor workouts before, like these indoor bike workouts and this one on building a home gym for less than $100. Treadmill Hurricane (35min) Warm-up: 10min w/ 4x 30 sec pick-ups of increased speed Main Set: 10x30sec ...

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