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How To Fuel Your Energy During a Triathlon

Properly fueling (taking in calories) before and after a training session or race can be fairly simple if done correctly, but what about fueling during a race? In the following I will explain exactly how to fuel for endurance performance. ...

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Honey Stinger Gold Energy Gel-Review

We hate running late with our reviews, but the past two weeks have been a blur.  Last weekend we participated in the Palmetto200, an endurance relay from Columbia to Charleston.  Pretty fun stuff.  The bad new is that put us ...

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GU Roctane Review

GU Roctane Endurance Energy Gel

It’s been a little more than a year since we published our first comparison of energy gels.  For the past two weeks, we’ve been testing GU Roctane, advertised as an ultra performance energy gel. Roctane is based on GU’s regular ...

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Energy Gel Review and Breakdown

A popular question from new and experienced triathletes alike is “What kind of energy gel do you use/recommend?”  I can’t say I’ve tried everything out there, but I’ve gone through quite a bit of gel in the past few years ...

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