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Cycling Gear

NeverReach Pro-Rear-Mounted Hydration System-Initial Review

NeverReach Pro Hydration System, Mounted, Without Tube

The NeverReach Pro System is hydration system mounted on the rear of your cycle seat. The NeverReach Pro is designed for half IM and IM distance races and claims to reduce your 40Km time by up to 35 seconds.  The ...

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Ryders Eyewear HEX Sunglasses-Review

Ryders Eyeware HEX Cycling Glasses

Inexpensive, polarized lenses. Non adjustable, but a good value at a low price.

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Nathan Endurance Race Vest-Initial Review

Nathan Endurance Hydration Race Vest

Just before our Palmetto 200 run, we received a few water packs to test.  Our first, received from Hydrapak, is review here.  The second of our packs is the Endurance Race Vest from Nathan Sports.  A special thanks to Nathan ...

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Hydrapak Gel-Bot Water Bottle with Gel Flask-Review

Creative, useful, and very durable bottle with gel container.

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Profile Design Aquacell Hydration Kit-Review


Inexpensive and fits most aerobars. Not a perfect fit, but 40 oz capacity for less than $25 is a good deal.

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Hammer Perpetuem Solids Endurance Nutrition-Review

Perpetuem Solids

Great product with a creative delivery. Very chalky, though, which could turn off some users. Much more stable than premixing Prepetuem

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Giro Bravo Men’s Gloves-Review

Giro Bravo Men's Road Gloves

Inexpensive, well padded gloves that are quite durable

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Profile Design RM1 Bottle Cages–Final Review

Profile Design RM1 Bottle Cages

A quality product at a reasonable price. Rubber bands break easily, but are quickly replaced.

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Canari Custom Tri Top-Final Review

” alt=”” /> A few months back, we received a few samples from our contact at Canari.  In addition to the Canari Velo II Cycling Shorts, you can check out our review, we also received and started reviewing the Canari ...

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SBR Sports TriSlide Skin Lubricant–Final Review


For the past few months, we’ve been actively testing a range of products from SBR Sports.  We’ve completed a final review for TriSwim Body Wash, a final review for TriSwim Shampoo and Conditioner and an initial review for TriSwim Lotion. ...

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