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Moji Mini Massager Review

It’s been some time since I first reviewed the Moji Massager. Though I still use my foam roller and a few other implements to work out the kinks and pains of training, this massager is still one of my go-to ...

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Spits De-Railer Total Vision Triathlon Sunglasses Review

Background One of my triathlon friends (Dave) works as a premium sunglasses designer who makes sunglasses for active individuals ranging from stand-up paddle boarders to expert hunters. Being a triathlete himself, Dave never enjoyed standard framed sunglasses as when you’re ...

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Moji 360 Massager Review

The Moji 360 Massager is designed for anyone seeking a gentle or deep massage. Unlike some of the competitors, Moji offers a omni-directional product that can be used in any direction and at any angle.  The Moji 360 is constructed ...

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