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SweatGUTR Appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank

One of the places we’ve really fallen down with this site is bringing you news about our community and our products.

Starting today, we’re hoping to cover more of the breaking news in the triathlete and ultra-running communities.  We’re not a news site, and we don’t want to be, but there are certain times it’s important to bring you news that impacts our community or is related to our main goal of bringing you unbiased reviews.

Our first story comes from SweatGUTR.  If you remember, we reviewed SweatGUTR in the middle of last year and found it to be a truly functional and unique product.  We received a note a few days ago announcing SweatGUTR’s CEO Erick Flatt’s appearance on the 8 April episode of ABC’s Shark Tank.  Find the entire press release below and be sure to tune in on the 8th to see Erick.


Tune in Friday, April 8th (8 PM ET/7 PM CT) to the ABC Television Network to see Tunnel
Vision, Inc. pitch their saturation proof sweatband

DALLAS, TEXAS – March 22, 2011 – Tunnel Vision, Inc. Founder and President, Erick Flatt, will be
pitching his company’s innovative, saturation proof Sweat GUTR® sweatband on ABC’s prime-time
reality television show “Shark Tank” on Friday, April 8th (8 PM ET/7 PM CT).

The Sweat GUTR® is the world’s only saturation proof sweatband, engineered to effectively channel
sweat away from your eyes rather than absorbing it. The product was originally designed for use in
extremely hot environments, but is used in various sports, military and industrial applications.

“Shark Tank” was created by Mark Burnett, executive producer of the hit reality
shows; “Survivor”, “The Apprentice” and “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader”. “Shark Tank” gives
television viewers an inside look at the intense questioning and negotiations that take place when
passionate entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of very business savvy, multi-
millionaire “sharks” in hopes of securing investment capital to turn their business dream into a
reality. The entrepreneurs must navigate the treacherous waters of the “Shark Tank” in order to
secure capital without being eaten alive by the “Sharks”.

Be sure to watch on Friday, April 8 (8 PM ET/7 PM CT) as Erick tries to land a “shark” by reeling
them in with the benefits of his patented saturation proof sweatband. Will he be able to convince the
sharks that his sweatband will revolutionize sweat management or will he get eaten alive?

For photos, episode descriptions, screeners or preview links, please visit and register at

About Tunnel Vision, Inc.
While competing in Adventure Racing events and getting frustrated with sweatbands that became
saturated and ineffective, the inventor created the saturation proof Sweat GUTR® sweatband and
founded Tunnel Vision, Inc. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company manufacturers the patented
line of non-absorbent Sweat GUTR® sweatband products sold worldwide, see more info at



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