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7 Tips for Taking Charge of Your Motivation

Motivation is one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome as an athlete, especially in the offseason months. If you ever find yourself not wanting to get to the gym, on the bike, etc. use the following 7 tips to give you that extra boost out the door.

  1. Find yourself a support crew. Studies found that people wanting to lose weight for example fair better when they join a support group! Find like-minded people (i.e. a friend or coworker) who are looking to achieve a similar fitness goal and join forces with them. I personally do at least 2 groups workouts a week with my local triathlon club. I find that I not only have good workouts in a group setting, but I have the motivation to workout on my own the other days of week. As your peers get fitter, you won’t want to get left behind!
  2. Don’t make the decision to not workout at home. If you’re feeling unmotivated and would much rather stay at home then head to the door run or bike, don’t! Get your workout gear on and get yourself outside, to the gym, in the pool, etc. Then after warming up, if you’re still feeling unmotivated head home and rest. You will be surprised how quickly the motivation to finish a workout comes when you remind your body what it needs to do.
  3. Make a plan for your year, month, week, and day. As my old running coach would say, “If you don’t have a plan, plan to fail”. Planning involves setting your goals, both short term and long term. In addition to have a systematic approach to training, having a plan will also give you the motivation to stay on track.
  4. Make sure that your goals are achievable. One of the common ways to lose motivation is to set goals too high and get discouraged when you don’t achieve them. Make sure that every goal you set is achievable in a certain period of time. As you start reaching your short-term goals you will provide yourself with more encouragement and motivation to keep working for the long-term goals.
  5. No more excuses. Lots of people are not able to achieve their fitness goals due to their excuses. One of the most popular excuses of all time is being too busy to workout. If you’re reading this article, don’t ever use this as an excuse. Simply refer to the Swim, Bike, or Run time crunched workouts and get to it!
  6. Get Inspired. One of the best ways to find motivation is to find inspiration. Whether it’s reading a story, watching a motivational movie the night before a big workout, or my personal favorite, watching YouTube videos of triathlons. Never be afraid to find some inspiration to get some motivation.
  7. Get nice gear and equipment. When I buy a new pair of goggles I can’t wait to throw them on and get in the pool. Purchasing new gear and equipment not only gives the motivation to go and test it out. But if you’re looking good, your confidence you will drive you to put in the work. Don’t believe me? Look at a professional triathlete in a race. You will notice how clean their custom bikes are, how their entire outfit matches from their shoes to their sunglasses, and how they rock their race kit with confidence.

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Brad Haag is a Triathlon Coach, Personal Trainer, and a National Qualifying Triathlete. As a graduate of Ben Greenfield’s Superhuman Coach program, Brad specializes in coaching endurance and warrior class athletes to peak performance. He can be found at HaagsAthletics.com or as a featured coach at PacificFit.net

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