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Beginner Gear

Sigma Sports PC9 Man Heart Rate Monitor–Midterm Review

Sigma Sports PC9 Man Heart Rate Monitor

A very good product for the money. Lacks features of higher end products, but performs well.

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ISM Adamo Century Seat–Final Review

Adamo Century Top and Side

A revolutionary approach to bike seats. Requires a long dialing in period, but one of the most comfortable seats we've ever used.

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SUGOI Women’s Lucky Cycling Shorts–Final Review

SUGOI Lucky Women's Cycling Shorts

Comfortable and well fitting shorts that are stylish and perform well.

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CompresSport Race and Recovery Calf Sleeves–Initial Review

CompresSport R+R

If you’ve been competing in triathlon lately, you’re certainly familiar with the compression craze.  We’ve tested a few compression products, most recently we reviewed the CompresSport For Quad Compression Sleeve.  Our initial impression is that these sleeves work very well ...

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Louis Garneau Men’s Alveo 3K Cycling Bibs–Initial Review

Men's Alveo 3K Bibs

A little more than a week ago, we received a test sample of  the Men’s Alveo 3K Bibs from Louis Garneau.  Since we’re spending quite a bit of time on our bike training for Beach2Battleship, we knew that we’d have ...

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2Toms Stink Free Odor Eliminator–Initial Review

2Toms Stink Free

One of the first companies that reached out to us when we launched FitEgg.com was 2Toms.  Based in Dublin, New Hampshire, 2Toms was founded by a research scientist with a Ph.D. in surface chemistry and a marketing professional with an ...

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CompresSport Q ForQuads–Initial Review

CompressSport Q for Quad

We like to think we’re pretty in touch with the new trends and products in the triathlon world.  To that end, it’s hard to ignore the rising tide of folks selling compression gear for triathletes and other athletes.  We’ve reviewed ...

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Sigma Sports PC9 Man Heart Rate Monitor–Initial Review

Sigma Sports PC9 Man Heart Rate Monitor

A little over two weeks ago, we received a sample of the PC9 Man Heart Rate Monitor from Sigma Sport.  We’ve been using this HRM since them on our training rides and our training runs.  We will publish three reviews ...

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SweatGUTR Initial Review

SweatGUTR Smoke

A few days ago we published our first look at the SweatGUTR system.  If you didn’t see our first review, the SweatGUTR is a very different type of sweat control system by Tunnel Vision Inc of Dallas, Texas.  As opposed ...

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2010 Canari Cyclewear Velo II Bike Shorts–Initial Review

Canari Velo II Bike Shorts 2010

A few weeks after we published our initial review of the Canari Velo II Bike shorts, we were contacted by a representative from Canari.  He explained that he thought the shorts we had were much older than we were told ...

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