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EZ Bike Stand–Final Review

In the beginning of June, we did our initial review of the EZ Bike Stand from EZ Bike Products.  First, a little refresher about the EZ Bike Stand:

The EZ Bike Stand was designed and manufactured in the USA and has been through about a dozen iterations before settling on the final version available now.  The basic idea is to give you a second set of hands when you’re unpacking your bike and gear, or to offer a stable place to store your bike.  The EZ Bike Stand isn’t a trainer and you should never try to ride your bike while in the EZ Stand.

EZ Bike Stand Construction:

The EZ Bike Stand is a block of reinforced nylon plastic with clamps to hold your bike wheels.  The bottom of the stand is ribbed for added grip.  The clamps are adjustable and have a small knob to tighten them once you have inserted your bike.  The stand is 18″ long, 12″ wide, and 8″ tall and weighs a bit more than five pounds.

EZ Bike Stand Partially Closed

EZ Bike Stand Fully Open

Using the EZ Bike Stand:

As we mentioned in the first review, the EZ Bike Stand is dead simple to use.  Simply push the clamps together and slide your front or back wheel between the clamps.  Occasionally, you might have to tighten the knob to increase the tension on the clamps, but this is normally unnecessary.

Occasionally, you might have to reseat the tire, especially when you first use the stand.  After a few uses, we became accustomed to seating the tire and had no additional problems.

Check out the photos below to see the different ways we secured our test bike.

Bike in EZ Bike Stand, Left View

Rear Tire in EZ Bike Stand, Left View

Rear Tire in EZ Bike Stand, Left View-2

Rear Tire in EZ Bike Stand, Right View

Front Tire in EZ Bike Stand, Right View

Front Tire in EZ Bike Stand, Right View-Closeup

Final Thoughts on the EZ Bike Stand:

First off, it’s important to know that this stand isn’t.  This stand isn’t a trainer.  It’s not a work stand, though you can use it for some small maintenance work.  This stand is designed, and therefore most useful, as an easy way to hold or store your bike.  It packs easily and is very simple to use, especially after you try it out a few times.

We have used this stand almost every day since we received the test sample.  Before this stand, we used hooks in our garage to hold our bike, but that required taking the front wheel off.  Since we started using this stand, we haven’t bothered with hanging our bike.  Of course, this is only useful if you have the floor space for your bike.

Since our initial review, we have used this stand to aid changing both front and back tires.  When changing the front, we simply locked the back tire in and pulled the front tire off without issue.  When changing the rear tire, we made sure to secure the front tire very tightly before removing the rear tire.  We also had to make sure not to shake or move the bike too much while removing the chain and rear tire.  Other than requiring a bit of care, we didn’t have any trouble changing the tire using the EZ Bike Stand.

At the end of the day, the stand does exactly what it claims to do.  It securely holds your bike when you’re unpacking your other gear or for storage at home.  Once you get the hang of using the stand, you won’t need to adjust the stand after placing your wheel in the stand.  We have used the stand with our bikes and with a few friends bikes.  We have used the EZ Bike Stand with road and mountain bikes, with aluminum and carbon wheels, and even with a solid rear wheel.  In each case, the stand worked as designed, gripping the tire and not the wheel.

The only issue we have with the stand is that it’s hard to adjust the stand if you push the tire too far into the stand.  Since the stand is designed to grip the tire, not the wheel, there is a small ridge inside the clamps that you rest the tire on.  If you push the tire too far into the stand, the tire pushes past the ridges.  Once this happens, you have to remove the tire and push the clamps together again, then seat the tire again.  Since we’re not engineers, we don’t have a simple solution to this problem.  However, after using the stand a few times, we got used to how far to push the tire into the stand and stopped having this problem.

At the end of the day, we’re happy to recommend the EZ Bike Stand.  As we mentioned, it’s good for light maintenance, but isn’t designed to be a full on work station.  If you have the floor space to store your bike on the ground, this stand will serve your needs well, especially after you get the hang of seating the bike tire.

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