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First Look–ISM Adamo Century Seat

We’ve just received a great new product for triathletes and cyclists: the ISM Adamo Century Seat.

Side View of Adamo Century Saddle

Top View of Adamo Century

Top View 2 of Adamo Century Saddle

Looks a bit weird, huh?  Well that’s to be expected.  If you think about bike seats, the basic design hasn’t changed in quite a long time.  Saddles get a bit more padding or a new material that’s lighter or stronger, but overall, the basic design doesn’t change too much.

Steve Toll, ISM’s founder, first conceptualized the Adamo seat in 1997 and received a patent for the design in 1999.  Though the design is a bit complex, the idea is simple: Steve experienced quite a bit of discomfort using standard seats because the nose of the seat hits most people in the perineal area, that is, soft tissue.  The ISM Adamo seats get rid of the nose and allow your body to rest on your sit bones.

Below, you’ll find pictures of the new saddle as it’s installed on our test bike.

We’ve used the seat for a few rides and are still getting it dialed in and trying to get the comfort just right before we complete our initial review.  Making the switch isn’t something you can do overnight.  If you install a new seat, especially one as radically different as this one, you need to test and retest your settings to make sure you’ve got the settings just right.  We hope to get two or three more rides in before we publish the initial review.  Stay tuned.

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