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GoLite Wildwood Trail Shortsleeve Run Top–Initial Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at product from GoLite.  GoLite is an interesting company that produces a large line of outdoor, trail, and camping gear.  We’ve received a few samples of products that we think will be useful for triathletes and other endurance athletes, though they’re not specifically designed for triathletes.  Thanks to the folks at GoLite for these samples.

About GoLite:

According to their website, GoLite was founded with the “simple idea…That experiencing nature would be better with less.  Less weight, less fuss, less waste…more fun”.  GoLite strives to not only provide products that are not just light in weight, but also light in their impact on the environment.  GoLite uses the GoLite Index to determine the impact of each product and calculates this index using three main measures: Environmentally Preferred Materials, Responsible Production, and Education+End-of-Life Programs.  GoLite has also adopted a Fair Labor audit process and follows The Timberland Company’s Code of Conduct.

About the Wildwood Trail Top:

The Wildwood Top weighs in at an amazing 3oz., or 80 grams.  The top features a paneled design that uses Minerale, a fabric with microporous particles derived from minerals.  This material is designed to provide a quick drying fabric that is comfortable and performs well.  These particles are embedded in the fibers, so they won’t wash off or wear out.  The top also features DriMove Lite, a polyester based fabric that is strong and featherweight and assists with moisture management.  These fabrics provide a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 50+, good for the trails and even better for open running.

The top also features a neat and hidden pocket on the back that comfortably holds one key, perfect if you’re going out for a quick run or jog.  The pocket isn’t large enough to hold your ID, but you could slip a small card or scrap of paper with your vital information into the pocket without a problem.

On first glance, the tee appears to be tagless, that is, there are no tags on the back of the neck.  However, the care tags are located on the side of the top.

The Wildwood Top also features a reflective logo for increased visibility at dusk or dawn.

Testing the Wildwood Top:

We’ve been using the Wildwood top for two weeks now and have worn it running, in spin class, and during our P90X training.  We have yet to wear it on an outdoor ride.

We have been most impressed with the weight and the wicking ability of the top.  To test the true wicking ability, we have not used a baselayer when testing this top and haven’t regretted that decision.  We have not experienced any chaffing or problems with the top, even in some of the hottest weather this summer can throw at us.  After running for up to 6 miles, the top continues to wick moisture and not get overly wet.

When using this top indoors and specifically with P90X, we have experienced the same wicking abilities.

The top is unbelievably light: after a few minutes of wearing it, we forget it’s even there.  This is even true when we’re working hard and sweating heavily.  Even at our sweatiest, the top remains breathable and doesn’t cling.


We only have two complaints about this top: it’s a little short and the care tags located on the side.  The first is most noticeable working out indoors and specifically when doing the plyometrics portion of P90X.  Although the top fits true to size, the rapid and high impact activity involved can cause the top to ride up a bit.  This doesn’t happen every time we use it indoors and, to be fair, this top isn’t exactly designed to be an indoor workout top.  That said, this could be an issue for some runners.

Our second complaint is the care tags.  Since this shirt is so light and wicks moisture very well, you really don’t want to wear a base layer if you can avoid it.  However, the care tags are very sturdy and can cause a bit of irritation if left intact.  We removed them by ripping them out.  This didn’t cause the seam to split, but we were worried about removing the tags when the material is so lightweight.  GoLite would be well served by making these tags easier to remove or printing the care instructions directly on the inside of the shirt.

That said, neither of these complaints is a deal breaker.  We are just getting into evaluating more clothing items, so we have very few other items to compare with this shirt.  However, we are confident that this is one of the lightest shirts we have tested or used outside our tests.  It breathes very well, wicks moisture very effectively, and is seriously comfortable.  As our training ramps up again, we’re really excited to explore the long term performance of the GoLite Wildwood Top.

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Eric is a triathlete and writer. He has competed in all distances of triathlons, from sprints to full Ironman distance races. He founded FitEgg.com in 2009 to meet the increasing need for professional, unbiased reviews of triathlon gear.

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