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GU Recovery Brew Drink–Initial Review

This is the third installment of our Recovery drink review series.  You can check out our reviews of other nutritional products by viewing our Nutrition Reviews section.  This is the initial review of GU Recovery Brew, our final review will follow as soon as we complete a full week of using GU Recovery.

Background on GU and GU Recovery Brew:

GU has been around for quite a few years.  Beginning with their GU Energy Gel, the GU team has spent almost twenty years improving their formulas and adding new products to their line.  In 2001, GU launched their GU Electrolyte Brew, a companion to their popular GU Gel.  In 2008, GU launched Roctane Ultra Gel and Chomps Energy Chews, and finally today’s product, GU Recovery Brew in 2009.

Up next, Ingredients and Nutrition.

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