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Luna Sport Gear Terra’s Knicker-Initial Review

A little over two weeks ago, we received a sample of the Terra’s Knicker from LUNA Sport Gear.  Thanks to the folks at LUNA for the review sample. Since then, we’ve tested these knickers in a variety of situations and workouts.  Terra’s Knickers retail for $90 and are available directly from LUNA.

About Luna Sport Gear:

Our female readers might recognize LUNAas a manufacturer of female-centric nutrition and food products.  LUNA started as a nutrition supplier and has evolved into a lifestyle brand that produces nutrition and clothing products to support women in an active lifestyle.

LUNA Sport’s product line is heavy in cycling gear, but they are currently expanding to more multi-sport products.  LUNA sponsors the LUNA Chix Pro Team.  The LUNA Chix are a powerhouse group of professional athletes, with two Olympians, three Ironman victories, and numerous other wins, awards, and accomplishments.

About Terra’s Knickers:

Terra’s Knickers are very similar in design to the popular Epiphany Knicker; the Terra’s lack a chamois and are more suited for non-cycling exercises.

The Terra’s are constructed from LUNA R.N.F. fabric, a blend of 88% recycled nylon and 12% spandex.  The Terra’s feature 3/4 length legs, falling just below our tester’s knee.  They also feature a 1.25″ wide waistband, designed to avoid pressure points.  The crotch is gusseted and the legs feature a wide grip band to prevent riding up or bunching.

Testing Terra’s Knickers:

We told our tester to try these knickers in a variety of different applications.  Since they don’t have chamois, we felt they could be useful in a variety of athletic activities and our tester found this to be true.

Our tester used these during sever running workouts and a few kickboxing sessions.  She was pleased with the fit and construction. The pants reminded her of the Mizuna Exodus tights, although more substantial in fit and fabric.  As a triathlete, our tester is accustomed to sacrificing form for function, but reported several compliments from workout partners on the fit and look of the knickers.

The Terra’s Knickers excel at thermoregulation.  While testing these on run workouts, our reviewer felt that the pants kept her warm without overheating, but were not too hot to use indoors during a kickboxing workout.

Initial Thoughts on Terra’s Knickers:

Terra’s Knickers are both comfortable and functional, a elusive combination for many women’s products.  Too frequently manufacturers sacrifice function for form, but LUNA didn’t.  The knickers are strong at thermoregulation and look smart in the gym and on your way home from working out.

Our tester was most impressed with the waistband.  Designed by LUNA to prevent pressure points and discomfort, our reviewer commented multiple times on the comfort and design of the band.  Unlike other waistbands that can cut into your lower waist after prolonged use, the Terra’s waistband stayed comfortable and in place through all workouts.

These knickers fit well and are well constructed.  We look forward to updating you in the coming weeks about the overall performance after more testing.

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Eric is a triathlete and writer. He has competed in all distances of triathlons, from sprints to full Ironman distance races. He founded FitEgg.com in 2009 to meet the increasing need for professional, unbiased reviews of triathlon gear.

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