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Nathan StrobeLight Review

Today, we’re going to discuss a really simple light that we highly recommend adding to your arsenal, The Nathan StrobeLight

To date, our most fun light source has been the KnuckleLights. We’re still using them over two years later. We’ve also looked at a headlamp that performed pretty well.

The StrobeLight is quite simple and doesn’t need a long introduction or review. This thing is really small: a bit over two inches long, about an inch wide. The clip is sturdy and wide, so it’ll fit on just about anything you’d like to clip it to.

The light is activated by a small button and has two options: steady or flash. The flash is pretty quick and the lights are very bright. We tried testing them at night and couldn’t find a bit of road that’s straight enough to not see them. In other words, everywhere we tested them, we couldn’t find a distance where they weren’t visible. In pitch blackness, they’re bright enough to register around a corner, but if you’re running with street lights, that’ll be diminished.

We recommend the yellow as the absolute brightest option and the orange as a close second. We checked out the red and the fuschia and were less than impressed with the light, but that’s a personal preference. We didn’t test how water resistant these were, but we did get sprayed by a sprinkler system one night while testing and the light was just fine.

If you’re an ultrarunner or a night runner, you should pick up a few of these. They’re cheap, fit on anything, including large hydration pack straps, and throw off a ton of light. They’re less than a ten-spot over at Amazon, so don’t waste time, just grab some.


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