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SUGOI Moxie Shorts–Initial Review

Today, we’ll be looking at the Moxie running shorts from SUGOI.  A special thanks to Devon for the samples.

Appearance and Design:

Ok, we’ll admit it.  One of the main reasons we wanted to test this short is because it’s very, very cute.  The Moxie Shorts feature a wide and very flattering waist band in the same color as the trim, in our case a bright white on Imperial, a bold purple.

The Moxie Shorts also feature two front pockets and an inside key pocket.  We found these pockets very helpful for storing keys, ID cards and other small items.

The mesh liner is excellent, much more breathable than most liners in other women’s running shorts.

The material used for the Moxie is very comfortable.  Think cotton, but much more breathable and with wicking thrown in as a bonus.

Comfort and Fit:

When you first put these shorts on, you’re going to love the level of comfort.  They remind me of my favorite Brooks shorts, but much more comfortable and ventilated.  Unreal comfort when not running.

But, we had some problems with comfort during our run.  During our first 6 mile run in these, our upper thighs started chafing about mile 4.  We didn’t experience this problem on shorter runs and we have had chafing before, but normally not before mile 13 or so.  We are pretty sure this was caused by the piping at the bottom of the shorts riding up and not the liner.

We also recommend ordering a size smaller than what’s recommended by the SUGOI sizing guide.  We were surprised to be a Large according to SUGOI since we’re normally a Medium.  The Large shorts fit, just loosely.  If you like a more snug fit, we recommend dropping a size.


Recently, we’ve started refraining from making recommendations in our initial review.  After a bad experience with the durability of one reviewed product, we decided to change our policy.

That said, we’re also not going to criticize these shorts after a few uses.  We think these shorts are extremely comfortable and they look great.  They performed well on our shorter runs.  We think the two pockets and the key pocket are great features and we like the waistband design.  We’re concerned about the chafing issues, but we’re going to try using a little Body Glide to battle the chafe and keep testing.

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