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SweatGUTR First Look

We received a few test samples of the SweatGUTR last weekend and have started testing them on our runs and bike rides.  Thanks to the folks at Tunnel Vision for the samples.

The SweatGUTR a completely different type of headband.  Constructed of PVC, the SweatGUTR is a small band of plastic that you wear under your bike helmet, hardhat, or alone.  The SweatGUTR works by channeling sweat away from your eyes.  Instead of trying to soak up sweat, the SweatGUTR redirects it from your eyes and the front of your face to the side of your face.

We spoke to Greg Thurmond, the VP of Sales and Marketing at Tunnel Vision, regarding the design and performance of the SweatGUTR.  Greg informed us that the SweatGUTR traps the same amount of heat, per square inch, that other sweatbands do.  However, the real difference is that the SweatGUTR is much smaller, leading to less total heat being trapped.  Greg explained that a standard sweatband gets saturated pretty quickly and losses it’s ability to wick and move sweat.  The SweatGUTR system doesn’t trap or wick sweat, it redirects it.  Therefore, it won’t ever get saturated and you won’t experience a decrease in performance over time.  Though you’d never do this, you could easily wear the SweatGUTR during your swim, hit T1 and not experience any decrease in performance.

We’ve used the SweatGUTR a few times and are happy to report it didn’t take any getting used to or cause any discomfort.  The plastic is very soft and pliable and the fit adjustments make it easy to get a good fit without being too tight.

We’re going to use the SweatGUTR a few more times before doing our initial review, so stay tuned for our review.

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