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T3 Sport Trailers-First Look

It’s not that often that you see breaking news from the triathlon world in Beaufort, South Carolina.  Imagine my surprise when I found this set up on the side of the road in Beaufort.

T3 Sport Trailer, Leg Not Included

My wife and I drove past the trailer the first time, but quickly decided to turn around and check things out.  We’ve been threatening to buy an AirStream, quit our jobs, and travel the country like a bunch of lost hippies. Well, not threatening, really, but it’s come up twice. Anyway, back to the trailer.  We stopped and started poking around the trailer.  We were greeted by the designer/builder’s wife who told us the story behind the trailer.

It seems that Jeff and his kids are avid triathletes, but the cost of hotels was getting expensive and sleeping on the ground resulted in horrible race times.  So Jeff, with a background in construction, decided to build a teardrop trailer with more amenities than some hotel rooms. Jeff offers dozens of additional options and multiple trailer sizes.  Since all the trailers are custom built, there are few limits on the available accessories.

We’re going to interview the owner, Jeff, soon and bring you more pictures of trailers, Jeff’s workspace, and the full story on the trailers. Until then, you’re going to have to make due with these pictures.  You can check out Jeff’s creations at his website, T3 Sport Trailers.

Interior Cabinets

T3 Sport Trailer Front View

T3 Sport Trailer Galley View

T3 Sport Trailer Galley View

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