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5 Warning Sounds You’re Overtrained

By: peasap

Swimming, biking, and running all put high amounts stress on the human body. Recovering from this stress is what pushes the body to improve and gets us to finish line faster. However when you push your body too far and ...

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How To Eat Real Food During Exercise

By: David Saddler

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation to my local triathlon club on how to fuel during endurance performance. As my conventional wisdom and training had me believe the go-to “food” for fueling endurance (biking, running, hiking, etc.) was ...

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An Insider’s Guide For Choosing NOT to Workout

By: Tier 1 Leadership

Unlike many other sports, endurance athletes have the idea that if they take an off day (I mean completely off) will lose fitness and slow performance improvement. For this reason endurance athletes have become accustomed to pushing through fatigue and ...

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How to Pick The Best Endurance Race For You

By: Jinx!

As discussed in How To Plan Your Triathlon or Endurance Sport Season triathlon training is typically focused around a important or “A” race. Less than a decade ago triathlons and other endurance events didn’t happen that often and usually required ...

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How To Fix Your Endurance Stomach Problems

By: Daniel X. O'Neil

When your pushing through a hard workout or race, the last thing you want to worry about is having an upset stomach. It’s an unfortunate fact that many endurance athletes (including high-level pros) still face depilating stomach issues that have ...

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What Is a “Good” Triathlon Training Program?

Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 10.15.38 AM

As explained in How To Plan Your Triathlon or Endurance Sport Season, if you don’t have a training plan to follow, you might as well plan to not meet your performance goals. A training plan is a must for athletes ...

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How to Fuel Like a Champion Year-Round

By: Andreanna Moya Photography

As discussed in How To Plan Your Triathlon or Endurance Sport Season, triathlon training should follow a periodized approach where workouts get more race-like as your endurance event gets closer. Just as training is periodized in endurance athletes, nutrition should be periodized ...

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10 Swim Workouts That Make Swimming Fun

By: Your Mildura

We’ve already discussed some swim workouts, like the top five for time crunched triathletes. If you have a little more time, here are some great workouts that will make your swim workout more fun. “Fast-Medium-Fast” (1400) Warm-up: 6x 50m Increasing ...

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Top Ten Treadmill Workouts to Increase Run Speed

By: Farhad sh

We’ve discussed a number of indoor workouts before, like these indoor bike workouts and this one on building a home gym for less than $100. Treadmill Hurricane (35min) Warm-up: 10min w/ 4x 30 sec pick-ups of increased speed Main Set: 10x30sec ...

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How To Fuel Your Energy During a Triathlon

By: Paul Wilkinson

Properly fueling (taking in calories) before and after a training session or race can be fairly simple if done correctly, but what about fueling during a race? In the following I will explain exactly how to fuel for endurance performance. ...

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