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How To Become a Beast Athlete with Tabata Training

By: Sigurbjörg Jóhannesdóttir

Unlike many crossfit athletes would like us to believe, tabata training has been around since 1996 when Professor Izumi Tabata conducted a study which concluded that 20 seconds of hard exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest then repeated several ...

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5 Endurance Performance Secrets You’ve Never Heard


1. STAND MORE, SIT LESS New research shows that prolonged sitting, literally takes years off your life. The bigger surprise is that even you are extremely active when you’re not sitting, prolonged sitting still affects your health. Besides taking years ...

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How To Swim Faster: 7 Tips

By: Jim Bahn

1. Get a Video Analysis Of all the investments you can make when it comes to swimming, a video analysis will by far bring you the most bang for your buck.  Many pools or swim coaches offer a video analysis of ...

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Top 10 Indoor Trainer Bike Workouts

10 Indoor Bike Workouts

We’ve talked a bit about how you can build a great indoor gym on a budget, and today we’re going to discuss some great workouts you can do indoors with your trainer. Trainer workouts are not only useful for getting ...

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Top 5 Early Season Mistakes Triathletes Make

Early Season Mistakes

1. Setting goals too high Typically after some offseason time off and your motivation returns as you begin in enter the prep-phase, you begin to plan your goals for coming race season. Weather your races from the previous went really ...

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How To Establish Your Training Zones


In Endurance Training Zones Explained, it was said that training in certain intensity zones is the best way of structuring training and gauging intensity. But how do you figure out your zones? Continue reading to found out how. SWIM TESTING ...

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How to Stay in Peak Endurance Shape While Traveling

By: Victor

Traveling as an endurance athlete is very challenging. It seems that most endurance athletes train nearly everyday. Being away from the bike or running trails can quickly leave you feeling mentally and physically anxious. However, there are solutions to stay ...

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How To Conquer Your First Triathlon


We’ve talked a bit before about gear for the beginner triathlete, but we’ve never really explored what you need to prepare yourself for your first triathlon. Whether you’re brand new to triathlon, transitioning from another endurance sport, or a triathlon ...

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Endurance Training Zones Explained


When training for endurance, training sessions must have a specific purpose. Simply going out and swimming, biking, or running with no planned duration or intensity might bring some improvements at first, but it will quickly lead to a plateau and ...

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How Cross-Training Can Increase Your Endurance Performance


Before you can set some goals for next season, you’ve got to get through the off-season. During the winter off-season months the cold weather and (in some places) snow can make doing long bike rides and runs outside uncomfortable and ...

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