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The 3 Secrets Ultimate Mental Performance


Training, nutrition, sleep, and genetics are all important aspects when it comes to triathlon performance. This being said triathletes and who are highly motivated are are almost on the podium or achieving their personal goals. These motivated triathletes want to train, they are constantly looking for ways to get better, and they take swimming, biking, and running very seriously.

As I coach I might be able to provide some quick motivation to an athlete during a workout or through an email, but true motivation in an athlete has to come from within. When looking at yourself as an triathlete, ask yourself “how bad do I want to reach my goals”? Your answer to this question often determines your level of motivation for reaching your goals.

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From bodybuilding to triathletes everyone wants to know what the “secret” to success in sport is. I have personally asked both professional bodybuilders and professional triathletes this question myself and surprisingly the answer was the same: the discipline to stay consistent day after day.

Having the discipline to not miss workouts, not eat a that box a girl scouts cookies sitting in your pantry, and train day after day is what make professionals athletes professionals. Similar to motivation discipline has to come from within however, I do recommend approach their triathlon training as if they are professionals. For example, when you’re thinking of missing a workout, ask yourself “do pro’s miss their workouts”?


Confidence is something that some people have naturally or is gained overtime. When it comes to triathlon confidence,  goes beyond just being a confident person. To truly meet your potential you need to be confident in yourself and your training as whole.

Building confidence as an individual is different for everyone however, I recommend trying these tips for building confidence in triathlon:

  • Race often. Competing in triathlons regularly builds confidence in individuals because it exposes them to many of their fears and they can learn from the experience. Whether it’s the first few races ever in your triathlon career or the first few races of your 5th season, after a few races you should be feeling confident in yourself as a triathlete.
  • Meet short term goals. Nothing breeds confidence more than completing goals both large and small. Even your goal is to simply get through today’s workout, complete that goal and move on to the next. Think of meeting goals as the fuel for the confidence fire.
  • Think positive. When things get hard in a race (and they will) remind yourself of the time you pushed through a hard workout to provide you with some motivation to keep going. Additionally I recommend athletes use obstacles in training and racing as stepping stones to stay positive. For example if you wanted to bike outside but it’s raining, use this opportunity to do an awesome indoor trainer workout.

To build confidence in your training as a whole, ask yourself “If I completed all my workouts will I be closer to my goal”? If your answer to this question is no, the lack of confidence in your training will show on race day and after the race you will be saying “If only I did ________ in training I would have done better”. Don’t let this be you and have confidence in your training plan. Having confidence in your training and yourself will bring to the start line of triathlon ready to race.

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Brad is a certified USAT triathlon coach, a certified USAC cycling coach, and a certified NCSF personal trainer. Brad specializes in coaching endurance and warrior class athletes to peak performance. He can be found at HaagsAthletics.com.

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