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Dolfin Poly Solid Color Aussie Square Leg Shorts–Initial Review

Since our bad experience with the TYR Square Leg Shorts, we decided to give a pair of poly shorts a try.

We picked these shorts up from a popular online swim store and paid less than $30.  We would love to link to the Dolfin short details, but their site is currently acting a little wonky.


We’re really starting to love the square leg shorts. The TYR’s were our first pair and we were really pleased with the look and fit when we first purchased the shorts.  The Dolfin Aussies are even better looking.  The poly material has a much nicer, higher quality look to it compared to Lycra.  We picked the Navy color with a black full liner inside.  The Aussies are even shorter than the TYR Square Leg shorts, measuring a bit more than 11 inches high.


As mentioned above, these shorts appear to be a bit higher quality than your standard Lycra shorts.  Maybe it’s that they’re fully lined or that poly is a stronger material; no matter, these shorts are clearly more sturdy.  We’ve inspected all the seams and stitching on these shorts and didn’t find any problems or blemishes.

We also like the large drawstring waist.  This suit fits pretty well and the string honestly isn’t necessary, but as we’ve mentioned before, we really appreciate the adjustibility that comes from having a longer drawstring.

Comfort and Fit:

We’ve been using this suit for about two weeks and are pleased so far.  We have been swimming a bit less than normal 2-3 days a week for 1700-2000 meters.  The first thing you’ll notice about this suit when you put it on is that it is a much more sturdy fit than a Lycra short.  The poly has more substance and feels a bit more ‘there’ compared to lighter and stretchier Lycra suits.

We ordered our size and the fit is a bit snug.  It’s not small, necessarily, but it reminds us that we could use to lose a pound or two that we’ve picked up since White Lake.   That said, if you’re between sizes, go one size up.  While this suit is a bit tighter and more substantial than Lycra suits, we haven’t noticed it restricting our swimming at all.

Our only complaint so far is that the suit is pretty low-rise, especially noticeable when hopping out of the pool.  This could be because the suit is pretty tight and form fitting.


If we’ve learned one thing from the TYR suit reviews it is that we can’t make any calls on a swimsuit until using it for quite a while.  The TYR suit failed after only three months of use.  We don’t expect a suit to last for years and years, but it is unreasonable and unacceptable for a suit to fail after less than 50 uses.  To that end, we will be testing the Dolfin Aussie Short for at least three months before publishing the final review.

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