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GoLite HydroSprint Lumbar Pack–Initial Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at the HydroSprint Lumbar Pack from GoLite that retails for $40 directly from GoLite..  We’ve been working on a few reviews on GoLite products recently, so if you’re interested in cool, lightweight gear, take a look at our review of the GoLite Manitou Women’s Top, the review of the Tilly Jane Skirt, and our review of the Wildwood Short Sleeve Shirt.  Thanks again to the folks at GoLite for the test samples.

About GoLite:

According to their website, GoLite was founded with the “simple idea…That experiencing nature would be better with less.  Less weight, less fuss, less waste…more fun”.  GoLite strives to not only provide products that are not just light in weight, but also light in their impact on the environment.  GoLite uses the GoLite Index to determine the impact of each product and calculates this index using three main measures: Environmentally Preferred Materials, Responsible Production, and Education+End-of-Life Programs.  GoLite has also adopted a Fair Labor audit process and follows The Timberland Company’s Code of Conduct.

About the GoLite HydroSprint Lumbar Pack:

The HydroSprint is designed for speed and weight savings.  It weighs a mere 283 grams, or about 10oz.  With room for only one water bottle and a small gel flask, this is the smallest lumbar pack that GoLite sells.  The HydroSprint includes a 21oz BPA-free bottle and a 5oz gel flask.  In addition to the water and gel flask, the HydroSprint features a small zippered pocket to hold your keys, additional gel, camera, etc.  The HydroSprint pack is designed with a mesh hipbelt that encourages quick drying.  You’ll also notice a great deal of reflective material on the pack to increase your visibility.

One interesting feature is that the HydroSprint comes in two versions; one for men and one for women.  GoLite designed these belts to provide the best fit for customers.  Nice touch for a product that normally comes in a one-size fits all design.  You’ll notice that the bottle holder is also insulated, helpful on those long hot summer runs.

The HydroSprint is made from recycled 210 Denier Nylon and features a No-Bounce system to help balance the load and is easier to adjust while running.  There’s also a bungee system that can be used to secure a windbreaker or hat.

Testing the GoLite HydroSprint Lumbar Pack:

We loved the weight of this pack.  We put quite a few miles on this pack and had absolutely no qualms about it’s performance.  We found the adjustable bungee very useful in preventing bouncing while running.  The zippered pockets on either size are the perfect size to accomodate your house keys or a small wallet.  The additional squeeze bottle is designed for gels, but we chose to use it for additional water and higher concentrate performance drinks.  The smaller bottle could also be modified with a spray top so you could use it to cool yourself on a longer run.

While running, the pack stays in place well.  We experienced a bit of clockwise shifting, but not more than an inch or so.  We found the pack most comfortable when adjusted so it sits just above the hips, versus resting directly on your hips.  Accessing the bottles while running is fairly easy since the water bottle holder is quite stiff and maintains it’s shape.

Initial Impressions of the GoLite HydroSprint Pack:

We’re pleased with the performance of the HydroSprint Pack.  As mentioned above, the pack is great for shorter runs and is very light.  The gel flask is a nice touch, something you don’t always expect to see on the smallest or lightest packs.  Though we haven’t used the bungee system to carry any additional gear, we did find it useful for preventing bouncing during our test runs.  The gender specific waist belt is very comfortable and fits well, especially when we started wearing it just above the hips.

We’re excited to continue testing this pack and can’t wait to put some longer distance runs on the HydroSprint Pack.

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Eric is a triathlete and writer. He has competed in all distances of triathlons, from sprints to full Ironman distance races. He founded FitEgg.com in 2009 to meet the increasing need for professional, unbiased reviews of triathlon gear.

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