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SUGOI Race and Recovery Knee High Compression Sock–Initial Review

We’re believers in compression.  The science supports the claims of most compression gear.  Basically, compression does two things for a triathlete: First, good compression gear will help your performance by increasing muscle stability; and Second, increase circulation and decrease recovery time.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the SUGOi Race and Recovery (R+R) Knee High Compression Socks.  The R+R Socks retail for $40 and are available

About the SUGOi Race and Recovery Knee High Compression Socks:

When you pick up a pair of the Race and Recovery Compression Socks, you’ll notice a few things right away.  We first noticed the extra padding in the footbed and specifically under the heel and toe, where most heel striking runners put the most pressure.  The SUGOi socks are constructed with mesh ventilation systems to help with heat transfer and thermoregulation.

The SUGOi R+R Compression Socks feature progressive compression, starting with the arch band and moving up in compression to the top of the socks.

Testing the SUGOi Race and Recovery Knee High Compression Socks:

We have used these socks during a five mile run and for recovery after two 13 mile training runs.  These socks are good for compression, however, we feel that there are better compression socks out there.  For instance, we tested the SLS3 Compression Sox.  The SUGOi socks didn’t deliver the same level of compression that we experienced with the SLS3 socks.  The SLS3 socks provided better thermoregulation than the SUGOI socks, that is, the SUGOI socks didn’t transfer heat away from our legs during our runs.

Even though these socks didn’t transfer heat as well as we have experienced with other socks, they did an excellent job of wicking sweat and moisture while we tested them.  They also fit well enough to prevent any chafing and blistering.

We ordered the first pair of SUGOI R+R Compression Socks based on the online measurement guide and ordered a medium based on our shoe size.  The SUGOI R+R socks in medium were quite large and couldn’t have provided any compression.  We were very pleased with SUGOI’s customer service; they quickly and without question replaced the medium socks with a better fitting pair of small socks.

Initial Thoughts on the SUGOi R+R Knee High Compression Socks:

As we mentioned above, we were very impressed with the sweat wicking features of these socks.  We were also more than pleased with our customer service experience. We were hoping for more intense and powerful compression from these socks.  We have experienced the benefits of compression, both during training and in recovery and were looking forward to a strong compression sock from SUGOi.

We have spoken to triathletes and runners who don’t use compression because they find the pressure too much to deal with.  If you’re one of these people, you might find the weaker compression of these socks to be right up your alley.

As is our policy, we’re not going to recommend or discourage these socks at this time.  We will continue to test these socks during our training and during recovery. As we’ve recommended before, your best bet for satisfaction with clothing is to use these reviews as a first filter and then heading down to your local triathlon or sports store and try on a few different versions and manufacturers.

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