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Saucony Stabil CS Motion Control Shoe Review

Initial Review Saucony Stabil CS Men’s Motion Control Shoe

Saucony Stabil CS Motion Control Shoe ReviewSaucony Stabil CS Men's Motion Control Shoes

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m an overpronator of the first degree.  Combined with my Clydesdale status, this makes finding new shoes really hard.  You know I’m a big fan of the Saucony Stabil 6 which I reviewed earlier.  Well, the old Stabil 6’s finally stopped providing the support I needed after a season and I had to pick up something new.

I was really disappointed to see that Saucony discontinued the Stabil 6 line, mostly because the shoes were about $79 and the new CS’s are $115.  But I needed new shoes so I picked up a pair today.  The first thing I noticed is the design is much more attractive than the Stabil 6 shoe.  Gone is the gray on gray color scheme, replaced, in my case, with a black/blue/silver scheme.  Not that I really care, but it goes a long way to make my motion control shoes look a bit less…orthotic.

After a battle with a Chinese buffet at lunch, I really needed to make my workout count. I headed out for a nice 9.5 mile run around town and across a few bridges (the closest thing we have to hills here in the Lowcountry).  I’m really impressed with the initial performance.  Since I’m just ramping up my training, I think I’ll wait about two weeks for another review, which will give me about 50-60 miles on the shoes by that time.

Since I use SuperFeet Green Insoles, I really appreciate that Saucony shoes provide ample room for my insoles without changing the fit of the shoe.  I noticed immediately that the Stabil CS shoes didn’t fit too snug at the heel, one of my biggest problems with new shoes.  I tossed in a bit of the BlisterShield powder that I’m reviewing and headed out.  I had absolutely no issues with these new shoes.  No tightness, no blisters, no rubbing at the heel or toe and no real adjustment to the shoes, probably due to transferring my SuperFeet Insoles to the new pair of shoes.

As I mentioned above, I’m really impressed with the new design.  The construction is what you would expect from Saucony, no loose threads, no overstitching, no fraying.  I can’t recommend these shoes quite yet, just not enough data, but I feel good after 9.5 miles in brand new shoes, so that’s saying something.

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