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TriSwim Bodywash by SBR Sports–Initial Review

Last week, we published a review of the shampoo and conditioner offerings from SBR Sports.  SBR makes a range of triathlon specific personal car items, including the shampoo and conditioner; lotion; Tri Slide, an anti-chafe/anti-friction spray; and Foggle, an anti fog cleaner for your goggles.

Background on SBR Sports:

SBR Sports was established in 2003 by Karen Allard.  Karen is a triathlete and USAT Certified Coach.  Through her training, she became aware of the damage chlorine and other chemicals cause to athletes’s hair and skin.  After using many available products, Karen decided to start her own line of products to assist athletes facing the same issues.

Background on TriSwim Body Wash:

The folks at SBR love aloe and it shows in their ingredients list.  Aloe is a great ingredient for tackling the smell and damage of chlorine on your skin and in your hair.  The use of aloe in the TriSwim Shampoo contributes to it’s ability to clean and moisturize your hair after a pool session and the inclusion of aloe in this body wash promises the same results for your skin.  In addition to the aloe, the TriSwim Body Wash also contains Vitamins A and E and Pro-Vitamin B5.

Testing TriSwim Body Wash:

We’ve been testing this product for a bit more than three weeks.  To make sure we’re not wasting the samples, we’ve only been using this product after our swim workouts, not in place of our every day soap.  We normally use Dove soap because it provides the best moisturizing benefits of any soap we’ve discovered, especially when you’re swimming three times a week.

The citrus scent of the body wash is identical to the scent of the shampoo, a crisp and noticeable, but not overpowering scent.  The body wash is also about the consistency of standard body wash, but not quite as thick as some products that claim to contain extra moisturizers.

TriSwim Body Wash lathers very well and doesn’t require a lot of product to produce good results.  We have noticed that chlorine will prevent or reduce the lathering of some shampoos and soaps, but this wasn’t an issue with the TriSwim product.  We feel that we used an average amount of this product to provide a good lathering and cleaning experience.

All that’s nice, but the real question is: Does it remove chlorine?  The answer is simply: Yes.  While testing this product we tried a few different approaches to challenge the performance of this body wash.  Some mornings we jumped in the shower while we were still wet from the pool. Other days, we waited until we returned home to take a shower, while still other days we waited up to 3 hours before washing off the pool smell. In each case, the TriSwim Body Wash performed as advertised and neutralized and eliminated the chlorine smell.

How does our skin feel?  As we mentioned above, we’ve used Dove Bars for years because of their moisturizing properties.  After using the body wash numerous times, we feel that it moisturizes at least as well as our Dove soap.  Even when swimming three mornings a week, we didn’t experience any itching or sensitive skin issues.


We are impressed with TriSwim Body Wash.  Being reviewers, we’re generally skeptical of marketing claims, but SBR Sports and TriSwim deliver on their promises with this body wash.  We came to the same conclusion when testing the shampoo and conditioner.  The use of Aloe and vitamins isolates and neutralizes the smell and damage of chlorine.  Dove bars, at least for moisturizing, are a tough act to follow.  TriSwim Body Wash provides an equal level of moisturizing.  As an added bonus, the body wash removes the smell of chlorine, a feat that Dove can’t match.

We’ve used about half of our sample of body wash and will continue to use this product until it’s gone.  We’ll have a final review within the next month about the long term performance of the TriSwim Body Wash.

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