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GoLite Tilly Jane Run Skirt–Initial Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at another product from GoLite.  A little more than a week ago, we published an initial review for the GoLite Wildwood Short Sleeve Running Tee Shirt.  As we mentioned in that review, GoLite is an interesting company that produces a large line of outdoor, trail, and camping gear.  We’ve received a few samples of products that we think will be useful for triathletes and other endurance athletes, though they’re not specifically designed for triathletes.  Thanks to the folks at GoLite for these samples.

About GoLite:

According to their website, GoLite was founded with the “simple idea…That experiencing nature would be better with less.  Less weight, less fuss, less waste…more fun”.  GoLite strives to not only provide products that are not just light in weight, but also light in their impact on the environment.  GoLite uses the GoLite Index to determine the impact of each product and calculates this index using three main measures: Environmentally Preferred Materials, Responsible Production, and Education+End-of-Life Programs.  GoLite has also adopted a Fair Labor audit process and follows The Timberland Company’s Code of Conduct.

About the Tilly Jane Run Skirt:

The Tilly Jane Skirt weighs in at a minimal 100 grams, or roughly 4 oz.  The skirt is made of recycled polyester, spandex, and also uses Minerale in the lining, a fabric with microporous particles derived from minerals.  This material is designed to provide a quick drying fabric that is comfortable and performs well.  These particles are embedded in the fibers, so they won’t wash off or wear out.  The skirt also features DriMove Lite, a polyester based fabric that is strong and featherweight and assists with moisture management.

The inner liner, hidden from view when wearing the skirt, features an inseam of about 1.5 inches.  This means that the liner isn’t quite a brief, but not quite as long as a real pair of shorts.  GoLite calls this length a boy short.

There’s also a zippered side pocket that is very useful.  This zippered side pocket can hold a full sized iPod without being uncomfortable.

The skirt is very stretchy and falls evenly around your body.  The waistband is substantial without being oversized and fits flat against your body.

Testing the Tilly Jane Run Skirt:

The first thing we notice is that the skirt runs a little small based on the sizing information provided on GoLite’s website. As with most clothing, we recommend trying this skirt on before purchasing or making sure to purchase your clothing from a retailer with a reliable return policy.

GoLite claims on their website that the skirt moves with the athlete and doesn’t ride up.  We found this to be accurate.  The skirt fits well and falls evenly around your body and is very comfortable.  We’ve used this skirt running, on the elliptical, and during classes and while doing P90X.  We did experience bunching of the boy short liner while we were on the elliptical, but this didn’t cause discomfort or chafing.

The waistband fits well and lays basically flat, though the waist band can fold a little where it meets the skirt.

The Tilly Jane Skirt lives up to GoLite’s claims on coolness and moisture wicking.  This skirt is very cool and does an excellent job breathing and wicking.  Based on our experience with the Wildwood Shirt, we believe that the Minerale material is an excellent material and does exactly what it claims to do.


We’re pleased with the performance of the Tilly Jane Skirt.  It fits well, the fabric feels great and breathes very well.  The pocket is very useful and a great addition to the skirt while the waist band is comfortable and generally lays flat.

The only thing we’d like to change is the boy short length liner.  We believe that the liner should be either longer or shorter to avoid bunching.  If the liner was brief length, it wouldn’t be able to ride up or if it was a bit longer, the elastic could keep the liner in place.  At it’s current length, it’s possible for some wearers to experience a little bunching or riding, although this didn’t cause any chafing or problems with our tester.

We’re excited to continue our review of the Tilly Jane Skirt and we look forward to keeping you updated on it’s performance.  At this point, we’re happy to report that this skirt is very good at wicking moisture, is very cool, and fits very comfortably.  Our next review will include information about the skirts performance in other environments and the longer term durability of the skirt.  Stay tuned!

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