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Dolfin Poly Solid Color Aussie Square Leg Shorts–Mid Review Update

A little over a month ago, we published our initial review on the Dolfin Poly Square Leg Shorts.  We picked these shorts up from a popular online swim company for less than the $30 MSRP and a quick check shows that they are still available at that price.  When we published the initial review, we had been using the shorts for a little more than two weeks and promised not to publish the final review until we tested the shorts for at least three months.  Being about half way through the review process, we wanted to update you on these shorts.


The main reason we selected these shorts is because of their construction.  The Dolfin Solid Aussies are made from 100% Choroban Polyester.  While Lycra shorts might be the most popular and widely available type, poly shorts are the best choice long term.  We were very disappointed by the performance of the TYR Square Leg Shorts we reviewed.  However, not all Lycra shorts are the same.  Our review of the Profile Designs Splice Tri Shorts proved that some elastics and Lycra can withstand the barrage of chlorine.

As one friend recommended, “If you’re buying poly shorts, get something you like because you’re going to be using them for a long time.”  Our initial impressions prove this to be true.  We have photographed the shorts at various stages during our use and there is no noticeable change in the color of the shorts.  In other words, no fading

Initial Photo Dolfin Poly Shorts

Dolfin Poly Square Legs After 7 Weeks

The shorts continue to provide the same fit they did when new.  They haven’t stretched or worn and haven’t lost their shape.  The legs are still stretchy and stay in place, even on our longest swims.


As we mentioned in the initial review, these shorts seem a bit more substantial than a comparable pair of Lycra shorts.  The Choroban Poly is a thicker and more sturdy material and this causes a noticeable difference in the fit and feel of the shorts.  We don’t have any complaints about how the shorts fit or feel, but they are thicker and more substantial.


To date, we’re pleased with the fit, construction, and performance of the Dolfin Aussie Shorts.  The Choroban Poly continues to perform well, preventing fading and degradation of the suit.  The suit hasn’t stretched or worn.  The seams are sturdy and haven’t started to fray or wear.  We’re about 6 weeks from our final review and will keep you updated in the mean time if there are any problems with our review.

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