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SUGOI Women’s Lucky Cycling Shorts–Initial Review

Today, we’re going to take a quick look at the Women’s Lucky Bike Shorts from SUGOI.  This is the second SUGOI product we’ve review here so if you’re in the market for a pair of running shorts, please take a look at our review of the SUGOI Moxie Shorts.

SUGOI designed these shorts to be flattering and feminine, a tall order for cycling shorts.  We don’t know if it’s the chamois or the long legs, but when we thing of cycling shorts, the last thing we think of is flattering.

Appearance and Design:

Our test pair of Lucky Shorts arrived in charcoal with a hot pink chamois.  Is this visible to other cyclists? No.  But does the hot pink chamois make us smile? Yes.

The shorts feature a 6 panel design that allows for a close and non-bulky fit.  You’ll also find a mesh pocket on the back and you’ll notice that the shorts are made from Helix fabric. Helix is designed for superior moisture transfer to ensure a breathable short.

One of the nicest features of the shorts is the thick waistband.  This design detail is supposed to ensure a comfortable fit.

Comfort and Fit:

Based on the SUGOI website, we ordered a medium for our test sample.  We’re not sure if the website needs to be updated or if we’re just on the small end of a true medium because the sizing seems a little off.  There is a little too much fabric in the front, especially around our hips.  Even so, these shorts stayed in place during our rides and didn’t bunch of chafe.  The waistband wasn’t as snug as we hoped, but we feel that the small would have been a little too small.  As always, we highly recommend purchasing your clothing from a local store or an online store with a good return policy.

The Helix material used in the Lucky Bike Shorts is a little thicker than we expected and is incredibly soft, stretchy, and comfortable.


As described on the SUGOI website, the Helix material is excellent at wicking moisture.  During our hour plus rides, we had no problem with the chamois getting very wet and when we did notice some moisture, it disappeared quickly.

The chamois is the perfect size.  Though the chamois feels a bit bulky when you’re not on the bike, it provided great protection during our test rides.  We remained completely comfortable during our rides and experienced no soreness the following days.  The chamois provides the right level of protection in exactly the right spots.

Even though we felt the shorts were a little loose in certain spots, this didn’t impact performance at all.  The shorts stayed put when we were in the saddle and when we were in the pedals.  The key to this, we think, is that the legs fit perfectly and kept the shorts in place.  We didn’t have any problems with the shorts riding up or bunching at the waist or around the chamois.


As is our new policy, we aren’t going to make a buying recommendation in our initial review.

What we can tell you about these shorts is that they live up to the claims SUGOI makes about their performance and comfort.  They’re certainly flattering and they fit well, if slightly big in some places.  This doesn’t distract from their appearance, but might be a personal preference to consider.

These shorts wick moisture respectably and provide all the necessary comfort through a well designed and well placed chamois.  They stay in place no matter how you’re riding and protect you from next-day soreness common to cyclists.

We’re looking forward to our continued testing of these shorts.  Our final review will include details of the durability of the shorts and other observations as we use the shorts more and extend our ride times and distances.

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