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How to Do a Flip-Turn, Part 1 of 5–From GoSwim.tv

If you’ve never used the drills on GoSwim.tv, you’re really missing out on some amazing drills. If you’re in a master’s swim class, there are literally hundreds of videos that you can use to improve your swim performance. I haven’t watched them all, but the ones I’ve seen are amazingly well shot.

Today, I’m going to share the first part of learning how to flip turn. Don’t rush the process, you really need to practice each portion individually. Since this is a five part lesson, we’ll publish a tip every day this week, but next week, we’ll be back to tips on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Today, you’re going to start with the basics of flipping. Using a water noodle as a prop, this video not only addresses the drills, but tells you exactly what you’re doing wrong based on your individual outcomes. Great video.

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