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SportShield Review

Initial Review of 2Toms SportShield AntiChafe Liquid

SportShield Review

Last Thursday, I received samples from 2Toms, a company “dedicated to preventing pain caused by friction”.  The folks at 2Toms sent samples of their SportShield liquid and their BlisterShield powder.  The SportShield is an antichafe product that can be used on your feet, your nipples (YEAH!), heels, and under your wetsuit.  We’ll have a complete review in a little over a week, but since I’ve had the chance to use the products a few times, I thought I’d send along my initial impression of the two products.

I have to admit, I’m a bit skeptical about anyone who claims they can totally prevent chafing, unless you’re advertising compression shirts and shorts.  I’ve mentioned before that some of these products work pretty well, but nothing works perfectly.  The samples we received were single use towelettes.  SportShield is also available as a roll-on, which is much better for application before a race, but harder to carry with you if you worry about having to reapply.  I tried SportShield twice over the weekend, the first time with a technical shirt in good weather, the second time with a cotton shirt on a damp and cold afternoon.  In both cases, I was pretty surprised.

I have issues with nipple chafing.  I’ve never found anything, save a base layer compression shirt, that prevents all irritation.  Wearing a technical shirt cuts the pain and chafing in half compared to cotton, but still not perfect.  I can normally make it about 5 miles in a technical shirt without problems but can’t do more than a 5K with a cotton shirt.

For the first test, I liberally applied the SportShield, gave it a few minutes to make sure it was dry and wouldn’t rub off, and headed out.  Just a standard 10K run in 68 degree weather.  I used SportShield on my nipples, thighs, and other private places that generally chafe on longer runs.  For the entire run, I never experienced any chafing in any of the areas I applied SportShield.

The next day, I decided to really test the SportShield.  Instead of a technical shirt, I grabbed an old cotton tee and headed out for a 10K.  At mile 5, I was a bit surprised that I didn’t have any pain or chafing.  As I mentioned, I normally can’t make it past 5K without issues in a cotton shirt.  After mile 5 the sweating and rain caught up with me.  I started to notice a bit of heat and rubbing on my nipples.  No problem anywhere else.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with SportShield.  The cotton shirt was a real test and SportShield did really well.  I never expected to make it more than 3 or 4 miles that day.  Compared to running without SportShield, the chafing after mile 5 was mild.

We have another reviewer testing SportShield currently and will publish a full review, after 5 uses from each reviewer, within the next week or so.  We’ll get in some longer runs with technical shirts, but won’t be trying the cotton route again.  Stay tuned.

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