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Blistershield Review

Initial Review of 2Toms BlisterShield

Blistershield ReviewI hope you’ve already read through my initial review of SportShield.  As I mentioned, we received samples of two products, BlisterShield and SportShield.  Both products are from 2Toms, both designed to reduce friction during training and races.

I don’t have serious blister issues in my current shoes, the Saucony Stabil 6.  I do, occasionally, get a blister on my right foot after running 6 miles or so.  Normally happens if I tie my shoes too tight and don’t allow any room for my foot to expand during the run.

I followed the directions for BlisterShield, adding the powder to my shoe and shaking/rubbing it in to ensure good coverage.  The first time I used it, I didn’t get the powder dispersed well and noticed a bit of a buildup in my sock, just under my toes.  The second time, I spent a bit more time getting the powder worked into my sock.

I tried BlisterShield in two types of socks, cotton and technical.  I used BlisterShield on a rainy day and on a dry day.  The results were similar both times.  I could feel the powder in my socks, not uncomfortable, but very different.  On the dry day, the feeling was very similar to using cornstarch or body powder in your socks, but I felt the BlisterShield working for the whole run, not just until I started sweating as with cornstarch.  The results were the same on the rainy day.  I noticed reduced friction in my socks, no hotspots, and no blisters.

As I mentioned, I don’t have a huge problem with blisters, but the friction reduction was noticeable.  We’ll publish a full review soon, with multiple reviewers and more tests.

About Eric H. Doss

Eric is a triathlete and writer. He has competed in all distances of triathlons, from sprints to full Ironman distance races. He founded FitEgg.com in 2009 to meet the increasing need for professional, unbiased reviews of triathlon gear.


  1. Thanks for the initial reviews on both of our products! We’re looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts!

    On BlisterShield, like you said early on in your review, you do need to make sure the powder is dispersed really well or it will clump up and can cause an uncomfortable feeling during your run. Trust me on that one! 🙂

    And for SportShield, maybe the next time you use a cotton shirt, try applying a second layer before you leave the house to prevent the “after 5 mile” rubbing!

    Thanks again, hope our suggestions help!

    • Thanks Katie,
      I’m loving the SportShield and really look forward to the final review that we’ll publish on Monday. Our second tester should wrap up her review this weekend.

      I generally don’t wear cotton at all, but figured I’d give the SportShield a real challenge by running in cotton without a base layer. SportShield did better than I expected, even without the base layer.



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