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Initial Review of 2Toms BlisterShield

Blistershield Review

I hope you’ve already read through my initial review of SportShield.  As I mentioned, we received samples of two products, BlisterShield and SportShield.  Both products are from 2Toms, both designed to reduce friction during training and races. I don’t have ...

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Initial Review of 2Toms SportShield AntiChafe Liquid

SportShield Review

Last Thursday, I received samples from 2Toms, a company “dedicated to preventing pain caused by friction”.  The folks at 2Toms sent samples of their SportShield liquid and their BlisterShield powder.  The SportShield is an antichafe product that can be used ...

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Brooks Ravenna Women’s Running Shoe Review

A good, durable shoe with a very springy landing.

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Triathlon Transition Tips–Dave Campbell

Here’s a great video to help you with your transitions.  Dave Campbell, from Velotv.net, offers some tips and tricks for practicing your transitions.  Don’t confuse this with brick training, Dave’s focus is on saving time and energy in T1 and ...

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Superfeet Insoles (Green) Review

Superfeet Green Insoles Review

A great insole for overpronators or anyone needing more support than their shoes normally provide

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Long Distance Run Breathing Techniques–Stephen Taylor

Successful runners know that they must regulate and control their breathing during long distance runs.  Expert Stephen Taylor’s video, below, provides actionable guidance for improving your long-distance breathing. Breathing Exercises to Help a Long-Distance Runner — powered by eHow.com

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Avoiding Cramps During Your Run

All runners, triathletes, and athletes in general occasionally suffer from cramps. Triathlon coach David Brown tells you how to use hydration and proper training to avoid cramps. How to Avoid Running Cramps — powered by eHow.com

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Saucony Stabil 6 Mens Running Shoes Review

Saucony Stabil 6 Mens Shoe Review

Great for the overpronator, a very stable and durable shoe. Quite heavy

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Triathlon Beginner Training Tips

Multisport Trainer Stephen Taylor details basic beginner triathlon training tips.

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Nutrition Before, During, and After a Run

Another great training video from David Brown, a USAT triathlon coach. This video provides guidance for eating properly before, during, and after your run. How to Eat Before, During & After Running — powered by eHow.com

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